Dividend Income

Dividend income of American funeral companies

Are you thinking about stocks that pay an interesting dividend? It sounds morbid, but the guaranteed business with revenues is funeral services.

Especially in a large civilized country, where it is customary not to spare too much at funerals. Meet not only funeral customs in the United States.

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When we wrote about the American funeral company StoneMor Partners LP in the spring, we had no idea how excited we would be in the newsroom. From the economic cycle, the funeral home is a somewhat neutral sector and partly an anti-cyclical sector. You simply cannot tell a future deceased to die when it is financially convenient for you. Nor can the funeral be delayed too long, as some of the survivors are more interested in an inheritance than a dignified farewell.

Traditions in burial also play an important role. If the survivors take the last farewell without ceremony and with cremation, it will not burden them too much financially. On the contrary, a traditional funeral in the country with a funeral feast will lift the economy in a given locality.

Rest in peace

Imagine that you live in a country that has a rich cultural tradition in large funerals, where the deceased is not spared much. And if there is no money for funus, an advantageous loan will be arranged. Another important criterion is a strongly pro-capitalist market, in which a number of companies that offer their shares operate. As can be seen from the headline and the perex, we are talking about the mourning market of the United States.

It is also beautiful for funerals in the USA that there is a tradition of so-called prepaid funerals. The future client will simply arrange and pay for all services in advance. It can be months, but also decades. In this way, potential survivors avoid a situation where they have no money.

StoneMor Partners L.P.

About StoneMor Partners L.P. we have already written. Therefore, in a nutshell. The company operates in the United States and is engaged in a wide range of activities related to the last journey of man. The securities are traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. In the last year, the value of the stock ranged from $ 23.10 to $ 33.51. The company pays dividends steadily. The last payout on August 3 was 58.5 cents.

Carriage Services, Inc.

Carriage Services is dedicated to two segments of the funeral market, namely the operation of funeral homes and the management of cemeteries. At the end of 2009, it operated 138 funeral homes in 25 U.S. states and 32 cemeteries in eleven U.S. states. The company is mainly involved in rural and suburban areas.

Carriage Services has paid a dividend of only twice and 2.5 cents each time in the last five years. The last dividend payment was on August 10 this year. Last year’s price range ranged from $ 4.39 to $ 6.57 per share.

Service Corporation International

The funeral company Service Corporation International provided its funeral services as of the last day of last day in 1405 places. It manages 381 cemeteries. Geographically, the company is located in 43 US countries and eight Canadian provinces. It is also present on the European continent, specifically in Germany. The company is also expanding and buying other businesses. In March last year, she bought Keystone North America, Inc. and in June of the same year, a 70% stake in The Neptune Society, Inc.

The company’s dividend policy is stable. The company pays a dividend every quarter. The last dividend was five cents. The price range for one stock on the New York Stock Exchange over the past 52 weeks was from $ 7.65 to $ 12.12.

Stewart Enterprises, Inc.

The last funeral company described is Stewart Enterprises, Inc., which operates in two segments. He arranges the funerals themselves and manages the cemeteries. As of October 31 last year, the company operated 217 funeral homes and 140 cemeteries in 24 states and Porto Rica.

Over the past year, shares of Stewart Enterprises have traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange from $ 4.60 to $ 8.39.