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Investing and investment tools

The words investment or investor should belong to the same language category as watch or internet.

We live in a postmodern age in which it is no longer decisive what type of property you have, but what return this property generates for you.

By investing in securities (stocks, participation certificates, commodities, gold, art objects, etc.) you increase your financial independence. And if you are not indifferent to your fate in the unproductive – retirement – age, you should start to be interested in investing.

For many people, investing or investing is still forbidden, even a pejorative word.


Probably the best known type of investment is stocks. However, for many investors, they are literally a university, as various operations can be undertaken with the shares. Many people trade with them, but so-called dividend shares are suitable for building fixed assets.


Derivatives are derived from investment instruments such as stocks, bonds or commodities. Derivatives are based on the development of the prices of the underlying assets.


Securities issued by governments of individual countries of the world or large corporations. Unlike equities, bonds can have a clear yield.


Commodities are goods that are used for food. You can invest in grain, rice, cocoa, pork halves or oilseed rape

Mutual funds

Investing in open-end mutual funds is one of the easiest places to invest your free money and achieve interesting returns. Mutual funds represent an interesting opportunity for a small investor to value their money.

Exchange rates – FOREX

Many investors trade currencies. They speculate on individual currency pairs and when the exchange rate of one currency moves in a certain direction, they realize a profit.

Stock exchange

There are several ways to trade stocks. You will most often trade them on the stock exchange.