Three tips for long-term quality stocks

Here are three tips for US stock stocks that have good potential to maintain value and a generous dividend policy despite the growing difficulties of the global economy.

The current situation on the markets does not bode well. The lesson is slowly becoming known to investors that in times of recession is the best time to buy stocks. If you are a conservative investor, you will be just as cautious about buying securities. It is definitely not possible to approach purchases by thoughtlessly buying a large number of stock titles whose price on the stock exchange is a price.

If you approach investing in this way and you do not feel sorry for the money, you can buy, for example, shares of Vet Assets (formerly Jihočeské Papírny, a. S. Větřní) on the domestic market for seven crowns apiece. From a long-term perspective, a favorable time begins for bargain purchases, when prices are depressed mainly due to the tension of investors, which prevails on the capital markets. Read more: Past performance is no guarantee of future performance

Who is a conservative investor

The term conservative investor hides a person who buys only the securities of joint-stock companies that have been on the market for a long time and whose business they trust. Instead of buying shares in an unknown technology company from Křemíkové údolí, they would rather buy the securities of a company based in Redmond, USA, which is profiled and, despite declining sales, manages to increase profits. If you are hesitant to buy shares of Microsoft and some small unknown company, bet on the first option.

Choosing a suitable stock should not be such a big deal if you buy securities of well-known companies that also operate around the world. Here are three tips for shares in companies that can be assumed to be doing well in the emerging unfavorable economic situation.

The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola is a traditional brown lemonade that has been sold in the United States since 1886. Since then, the drink has become a worldwide hit. The largest promotional campaign the company has ever carried out was the delivery of cans of this drink to American soldiers during World War II. By “Coke”, as the company is called for short, it has become known worldwide.

At the time of writing, Thursday’s earnings were not yet known, but Coca-Cola’s shares fell $ 1.86 in the middle of the trading day from a closing price of August 17 at $ 69.28 each. It wouldn’t be as stunning a newspaper as one stock has been trading for less than $ 64 in the last month. If you are thinking of buying Cola-Cola shares, it is advisable to start thinking about buying. It is also worth mentioning that the shares could be purchased in recent years for a price exceeding slightly $ 40. In the last 52 weeks, the price range of one Coca-Cola share ranged from $ 54.92 to $ 69.82.

The current annual dividend yield was $ 2.79 and the P / E ratio was 12.5.

Microsoft Corporation

The third company that brings stable returns even in difficult times is the Microsoft softwear foreman. The company was founded in the mid-1970s by a young man named Bill Gates, who has dominated the Forbes list of the richest people in the world for the last two decades. The company made a name for itself and made billions of dollars on the Windows operating system and the Office software suite. Although it has been losing momentum in the last decade with other technology companies – especially Google and Apple – it has managed to show growing profits despite declining turnover. Read more: Three risks when investing in stocks

The current mid-trading price on August 18, 2011 was $ 24 on the US Nasdaq, with a future earnings-to-share ratio of 9.19. Shareholders received a total annual dividend of $ 2.58 last year.

Wal-Mart Stores
The retail giant in the United States, which is slowly expanding into the world, is the network of supermarkets and hypermarkets Wal-Mart. The currently traded price per share is $ 50, with the last annual dividend of $ 2.86 and a P / E ratio of 11.54. Read more: Stocks: Regular dividend annuity or high returns?

Although there is fierce competition in retail, Wal-Mart’s current market capitalization is $ 450 billion. In addition, the company bought the Brazilian Carrefour store chain for ten billion.