Where to invest money

Wondering where to invest money? You have a lot of possibilities. We will introduce you to some basic options.

First of all, you need to think about how much you want to invest, for how long and what should be the goal of your investment. Those who are 25 years old and want to create a financial portfolio for old age will proceed differently. A completely different approach is chosen by people just before retirement or by those who want to value free money in a predetermined time horizon.

Another criterion is the question of which investment products to use. We will discuss them briefly.

Open-end mutual funds

Open-end mutual funds have the advantage that they can be invested in as little as one hundred crowns. There are a large number of them on the market, so it is not a problem to create your own investment portfolio from them. You can freely increase and decrease investments in funds, or interrupt them or cancel them altogether.

Investment certificates

Investment certificates work similarly to open-end mutual funds. They are offered by investment companies from which you can buy them. Compared to mutual funds, investment certificates are cheaper for subsequent management, ie. you will pay lower fees from them.

Life cycle programs

If you do not want to worry about which mutual funds to arrange, you are offered an equivalent alternative to funds. Even when investing in life cycle programs (funds), you can choose from the investment strategies offered. Some use life cycle programs instead of supplementary pensions. As with open-end mutual funds, it is true that life cycle funds can be invested in the order of hundreds of crowns.


Investments in shares are subject to higher demands on the investor than, for example, mutual funds or life cycle programs. In addition to higher knowledge, it is necessary to have a higher amount of money ready, which will be invested. For a regular investment, it is appropriate to spend an amount in units of one thousand crowns.

This is just a basic list of options for where to invest money.